Our Order gathers once per year to have fellowship, pray and study together. It is a rich experience, and many times, we will have clothing and Profession ceremonies. Below you will find some pictures of our convocations past.


Like every Religious Order, we have the means to conduct the business of the Order. By this, we will meet every four years. The Constitution of the Order States:

By definition, “General Chapter” is a canonical meeting of the pastoral and administrative constitutional officers (ministers) of the Order [i.e., Bishop Protector, Minister-General, and members of the Discretorium], and the Professed members of The Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion, meeting to conduct the business of the whole Order.

Profession and Clothing Ceremonies

As an Aspirant progresses through formation, we have two ceremonies that are held at Convocation or Chapter. They are Clothing and Profession.

Heading to Chapel

Clothing Ceremony

Profession Ceremony

Preparing for Mass

Evening Prayers

Quiet Time